*Beware* of the 60 year old double-hung, storm window!

Who knew windows could be so scary? But they’ve already run off the first window guy, who said (as soon as we let him in the house), “Are ALL your windows like those in the front?” “Oh, hello Window Guy #1. My name is Carolyn… we’re only trying to help put food on your family’s table. Nice to meet you.” After a quick look-about, he left saying he’d bring back an estimate. We haven’t heard from him since.

So tonight we met Window Guy #2 with a reserved hopefulness. I was afraid that as soon as he’d pull up he’d lean out the window, look my home up & down, and yell “NEXT!” Then my home would have to climb back onto the bus and pretend he wasn’t her type anyway. Oh stop it, we all know you watch that show when no one is looking.

Not only did Window Guy #2 not NEXT my home, he took her out to dinner and a movie. Thrice the experience we had with Window Guy #1. Now we can actually open them up and have a cross draft. Who ever thought this would be that exciting.

One comment on “*Beware* of the 60 year old double-hung, storm window!

  1. Bruce L. Snell says:

    This IS pretty exciting. Our current home only has three windows that open. No breezes at my place. Nada. Maybe my next house will windows that actually open and we can get a little fresh air.-Bruce

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