Lawn Mohawk

welcome. this is our backyard. we haven’t mowed in almost two weeks. rock, paper, scissoring for who’s to mow next wears us out and then neither of us does it. it doesn’t help that the yard is a mishmash of clover, weeds, grass, and what just might be mary jane. not too enticing to make pretty.

one area in particular we call the mohawk. it’s a straight line of grass that grows extremely fast. about 7 months ago, we had our sewer line replaced. (sorry for the two that stayed over that particular weekend when it collapsed. we tried to use as many candles as we could). well, bob hamilton had to come out and dig up a trench. no, literally. *the* bob hamilton, himself. (i played it cool around him, though.) they basically said that because of us, they are re-working how they give an estimate. apparently, digging through a solid concrete bomb shelter of a house was not an option on the checklist.

we eventually filled the trench with dirt but weren’t expecting the onslaught of greenery and let it be. i like to think we were just giving a patriotic nod to our region’s past… or at least to Brad Pitt.

while R. was mowing, he found a tennis ball that probably belongs to our next door neighbor’s dog. i don’t blame them for not attempting to retrieve it. who knows what was lurking in there. one time i was mowing and the next thing i knew there was gray and white fluff all around me. i thought i ran over a rabbit, but oh..nothing to worry about. it was only a rabbit’s nest. there were four little ones huddling in there.

this is a good shot of the dollar mower i found at a garage sale. it only sputters and breaks down a couple times a mow. and if you can barely make out the tall tree-looking thing growing up on the fence in the pic below. yeah, that’s a weed. i kind of like it.

One comment on “Lawn Mohawk

  1. mengi34 says:

    What was this post about again? You lost me at BRAD! 🙂

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